STFI Prüfung

textile-physiological and ergonomic test

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standard title
DIN EN 317:1993-08 Particleboards and fibreboards; determination of swelling in thickness after immersion in water
GMW 4217:2011-02 Dimensional Stability
DIN EN ISO 9073-14:2007-05 Textiles - Test methods for nonwovens - Part 14: Coverstock wetback
DIN EN ISO 9073-8:1998-10 Textiles - Test methods for non-wovens - Part 8: Determination of liquid strike-through time (simulated urine)
DIN EN 13726-1:2002-06 Test methods for primary wound dressings - Part 1: Aspects of absorbency
DIN EN 13726-3:2003-08 Non-active medical devices - Test methods for primary wound dressings - Part 3: Waterproofness
GMW 14777:2013-06 Test Method for Determining Moisture Content, Water Absorption and Thickness Swell of Fiberboards, Chipboards, Cardboard, and Similar Rigid Materials
DIN EN ISO 15496:2018-08 Textiles - Measurement of water vapour permeability of textiles for the purpose of quality control
DIN 53923:1978-01 Testing of textiles; determination of water absorption of textile fabrics
DIN 53924:2020-09 Testing of textiles - Velocity of soaking water of textile fabrics (method by determining the rising height)
STFI-PV PG MDS-Hi 1:1993-01
STFI-PV BPI 1-4:2012-03
STFI-PV PG MDS-Hi 2:1993-01
STFI-PV PE 3 Moisture absorption, statical
STFI-PV PG MDS-Hi 3:1993-01
STFI-PV PE 5 Distance for absorption
STFI-PV PE 6 Water retention for textile area-measured material (incl. water absorption)
STFI-PV PE 7 Time for water drop permeation
STFI-PV PE 8 Time for drying
STFI-PV PE 9 Grip / Contact with skin